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Past life regression treatments are a form of hypnosis. Through deep relaxation and guided imagery, clients are guided into memories of other lifetimes, lives which usually contain important information for them right now.

Past life regression sessions are conducted in a safe, gentle, nurturing and relaxing environment, and are usually 1 or 2 hours in length. For the majority of people who experience a past life regression, the single most significant benefit is the opportunity to bring up and to heal past life wounds that are still influencing the present lifetime.
Often traumatic experiences from other incarnations remain locked in the mental, emotional and physical body, creating fears, limitations, emotional and physical disturbances that hinder one's ability to experience the full potential of this lifetime.

Remembering past life trauma with a qualified and experienced past life regression therapist can help to resolve and to release it permanently.

Knowledge of past lives can shed light on your strengths, talents, preferences and aversions, sometimes in surprising ways. If you're a talented singer, chances are you developed your skill over many lifetimes of training and practice. Occasionally, people discover talents they didn't know they had -- until they delved into their past lives. With a moderate amount of training to refresh your memory and tune up your new (present-life) body, it may be possible to revive long-dormant skills.

Most likely, your strongest friendships today began long before you were born - this time. You might have been brothers or sisters sharing happy lifetimes in a peaceful village or on a tropical island. In other lives, perhaps you fought (or resisted) wars together, rescued each other from fire or famine, or were there for each other again to celebrate life's joys.

Past Life Regression Treatments at Manchester Therapy Centre UK. Qualified Past Life Regression Therapists
To make an appointment for Past Life Regression treatment please ring us on 0161 881 7171.

Past life regression can be the sole subject of a hypnosis session or it may include other experiences besides visiting a past-life, such as a regression to the past of this life, etheric plane communication, inner guide work, and/or conference room therapy. A key part of the past life regression process is loving, accepting, or making peace with things as they are (or as they were in the past life), thus freeing the energy of transformation.

Frequently, fears and blocks can be overcome. For example, a fear of water can often be traced to a past-life drowning. Re-experiencing such an incident can be the first step in a rapid healing process.

Spiritually-oriented psychotherapy can include past life regression. Benefits can be found in many areas of life, including career, relationships, and general well-being. In many cases, physical symptoms are eased as emotional roots are revealed and resolved.

Benefits Of Past Life Regression

Heals past life wounds

Clears trauma
Deals with overt acts
Overcomes fears and blocks
Contacts your creativity
Rewrites past-life contracts

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Please ring to discuss the treatment and prices with our past life regression therapist.

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The Manchester Therapy Centre is centrally located with free car parking and easy access by bus or train.

We are situated opposite the BUPA hospital in South Manchester near Chorlton. 

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This is the perfect present for birthdays and Christmas. Treat someone you know to a massage treatment. Other treatments available include indian head massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu and more. We also have an introduction to massage course voucher for a fun weekend learning massage.

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